Asian Gemstone Facial

Gemstones contain nature’s energy and are also known as energy medicines. Not to be confused with medicines prescribed by your doctor, energy medicines are products or items that contain vital life force energy to fuel your subtle energy body. Performing a gemstone facial will feed your inner rainbow; the chakra system will create a healthy aura and bring balance to you.

Asian Gemstone Facial Therapy are swiftly emerging as a prominent and most sought after medication for individuals who need a recuperating or healing treatment that effectively balances their energy levels. Diverse sorts of gemstones possess intrinsic powers and can be utilized to rub certain oils and skincare items around the face and neck.

Asian Gemstone Facial Therapy is performed either with gemstone wands or a set of gemstones that have been "energized" by moonlight. The treatment usually commences with facial cupping and lymph seepage that assists in the discharge of a large percentage of the toxins and stress developed around key facial compartments. After the veil is evacuated, the gemstones will be connected to diverse purposes of the face to adjust the vitality levels and unwind you. In the event that the practitioner is utilizing gemstones (not a wand), a few stones could be set deliberately all over the face and decollete areas.



Benefits of Asian Gemstone Facial Therapy

  • Gemstones are designed to balance your energy level and elevate your mood

  • Balances out an uneven skin tone

  • Reduces the presence of wrinkles

  • Supports the skin's cell replenishment process

  • Relaxes tight facial and neck muscles

  • Can give your skin a brilliant glow


Asian Gemstone Facial Therapy
45 MIN    $69
 60 MIN    $79 

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