Pestle Needle  Therapy

Pestle Needle Therapy
45 MIN      $79
60 MIN      $99

Yixiantang’s Taiji Pestle Needles [怡仙堂太极杵针]

A set of several clubbed needles that, unlike traditional acupuncture, don’t pierce the skin. Moved against the skin’s energy channels and nodes, it improves blood & energy circulation, balances yin & yang, and speeds up physical recovery.

​Pestle Needle Therapy
An acupuncture method characterized by a unique set of points, specialized tools, and their specific methods of manipulation. Despite the tools being called “needles”, they are non-penetrative devices made of gold plated copper. Pestle needles do not pierce the skin; rather they are used to stroke, rub or press the points and channels of the body. This method of acupuncture is not found in the classic texts, although it is based on the same Chinese medical theory as conventional acupuncture, including the theories of yin-yang, the five phases, and channel theory.  Until modern times it has remained a secret method, passed down through a lineage to its modern inheritor, Li Zhong Yu, Professor of Acupuncture at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Like conventional acupuncture, Pestle Needle Therapy is easy and convenient to use because it is applied without the need for medicines or herbs. It has very few side effects and because the "needles" do not penetrate the skin, clients who are fearful of acupuncture are more likely to find Pestle Needle Therapy tolerable. That said, pestle needle stimulation can be intense, and times maybe even more pressure than acupuncture.

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